Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New Internet

This is what happens when you people sit around and let these money hungry bastard rule everything around from what you , watch, govern and now the internet. Open your eyes and take charge, broadband charge on cellphone is a little acceptable but , it was only the beginning. Seems to me that, every commodity is an opportunity to for these corporate assholes to profit, why cant they just let this run the way they are? BUT NOOOO they need new cars, better house and a bigger check, and where does it come from? US!
I would understand if it required drilling the earth to dig for Internet but you don't!  it is all static and autonomous equipment with little maintenance and upgrades.
Just remember the slowly and steady the corporate troll will slide it in deep in your ass.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Keep it to yourself.

Now, let me ask you a question. Where is your dam god when you need him? where is him when you are carrying you dead child in the middle of chaos? of course i already know. NOWHERE! He the mighty all powerful, is just the greatest tool ever created by man in order to control the stupid population, just like a communist government.
Why don't you all people open your eyes and see the real truth? like, look around and see what is happening around you, who's really controlling you, your destiny, how are you being watched. I'm not being paranoid here but it frustrates me to know how little people know about their own religion, the exploit on the catholic, Muslim and Christians. Talking about man made BS that changed, religion hits the top most devastated, it has killed more people than all wars put together. sad to know that we live in a society kept on a loop, and stupid.
I have come to realize after that being smart is a problem in modern society....that is of course, for the government and religion.
People, please take your time to educate yourself, find out what is really good for you and use good judgement, not GOD judgement.